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Turning Loss into Love: The Chronicles of SK

Each morning, humans wake up with two things: a choice and a chance. Thoughts govern the choices being made and every person has a chance to change. Change is an action, and all actions have consequences that elevate or hinder. Way2Real Entertainment signee SK Glizzii made some choices that almost cost him his life. More than just a rapper, SK is an artist with his eyes set on longevity. The Fayetteville native recently released his single I Need Somebody under the Way2Real imprint. The single delves into the mind of a man on the road to redemption dealing with past troubles. His family’s musical background helps him turn his pain into passion, then turn that passion into purpose.

Nowadays, SK seeks out healthier coping mechanisms. However, on his single, he speaks candidly about his past substance abuse issues. The substances filled a void left by a lack of love. I Need Somebody is about more than a romantic relationship. The song is a call for help from an incarcerated man experiencing loss at a rapid rate. SK was charged with First Degree Murder and facing the death penalty. The last person executed in North Carolina was Samuel Flippen on August 18, 2006. SK blamed his loyalty for putting him in a bad situation that cost him his freedom, and nearly his life. However, he understood the power of God and held himself accountable. He sat in jail for two years fighting his case with a court-appointed lawyer. During his stint in jail, life kept moving. Being locked away gave SK time to reflect. In addition, he became the father of a beautiful baby girl while fighting his case. However, he lost his mother just as he was about to be released.

The pain of loss compounded with the stress of his legal situation created extreme mental strain on the new father. He used substances to cope, but they didn’t work. What SK learned was the substances only masked the pain. He went on to beat his case and was released. However, residual damage was present. He understood the destination, however his direction of travel was off course. He had already been affiliated with Dr. Anthony Haire through the power of music. SK could always be seen alongside Mr. Red Carpet, another Way2Real signee. Dr. Haire and SK crossed paths quite frequently. SK pushed his pride aside and opened his mind to the idea of therapy. In the video for I Need Somebody, SK is attending a therapy session. Black men have difficulty confiding in someone they have no true connection with. They either speak to their friends, parents, or significant other.

With the help of Dr. Haire and the services of Way2Real, SK has started moving toward growth. SK hopes his song and video for I Need Somebody helps supporters understand that they are not alone in the fight against mental strains and addiction. Berean Talk host Christian Mosley recently spoke with SK about his future.

“I can’t tell you what direction I’m going, but it’s going to be greatness”, says the songwriter.

For more information on SK, follow him on Instagram @skglizzii. To stay updated with the latest on Way2Real Entertainment, log on to Salute to SK and every activist getting active. Peace.