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I am a North Carolina-based community advocate and freelance documentarian committed to changing the narrative.

I am a community advocate/freelance documentarian who resides in North Carolina and is dedicated to changing the narrative. In addition, I am co-founder of the grassroots organization Cora’s Community Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing about real change in the community through direct action, education, community outreach and economic empowerment. Beyond advocating for the community, I am a freelance journalist who contributes to various publications. As a freelance journalist, I have covered everything from community happenings to musical festivals.

“Be the best you for you and those around you.”

-Rakeem "Keem" Jones

Recent Content

Why I Advocate?

My journey as a community advocate began when I attended a rally in 2016, where I was unfortunately assaulted. This experience led to an encounter with Justin Moyer, a reporter from The Washington Post, which resulted in worldwide coverage and a front-page story on the January 1, 2017, issue of the publication, written by Terry McCoy. This experience profoundly impacted me and sparked my interest in the media's power to drive social change. During the social justice movement of 2020, I organized successful protests in my hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina, which led to policy changes and the election of a city council member.

Transition to Journalist

In November 2020, I delved into journalism after facing backlash for a photo with a high-profile political figure. Instead of reacting negatively on social media, I channeled my energy into a piece titled "No matter election results, we must focus on building a better world," which served as a healthy outlet for my thoughts. I also wrote a notable piece about my family's wrongful eviction due to COVID-19, titled "We were evicted from our home because of COVID-19 hardships. The system is broken." This work ranked third on The Fayetteville Observer's Opinion Top 10 of 2020. I collaborated with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department and community partners to halt evictions during the peak of COVID-19, leading to my work ranking first on the Top 10 list in 2021 and first/second in 2022. Recently, I contributed as a correspondent and photographer for the Dreamville Festival in Raleigh and the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, D.C. Notably, I covered the first-ever cannabis policy event in American history to be held in the U.S. Capitol.

The Purpose

My distinctive blend of a grassroots approach and journalism experience enables me to create stories that educate and empower the human race.